Here's some basic info about the grandstands at the tournament, and other ways you can enjoy the action.

Grandstand Locations

You'll find grandstands at the 1st tee, 10th tee, 17th tee, and 18th green.

Grandstand Seating Policy

Our grandstand seating is open to every ticket holder on a first-come, first-serve basis. No reserved seating allowed.

How to Watch the Action

There's typically two ways you can enjoy the golf, or a combination of the two.

Parade Style

Pick a spot on the course and watch the player field pass by. There are several fan favorite spots around the course for the "parade-styler," including the 6th green (a well-shaded natural amphitheater), the 14th green (a great par 3), and the 18th green grandstand.

Cross-Country Style

If you've got a favorite player and plan on following them around the course, this is your style.


For the enjoyment of everyone at the event, we politely ask that you stay quiet and stand still when the players are about to hit the ball. You'll see visual cues of these moments from our tournament marshals, who will hold up signs when it's time to play the quiet game. If you don't play by the rules, you may be removed from the event. Yikes! Here's what could get you kicked out:

  • Refusal to obey quiet signs or signals

  • Distracting or embarrassing a player

  • Making rude, vulgar or other inappropriate comments or gestures toward a player

  • Booing or cheering at inappropriate times

  • Inappropriate cell phone usage (see our cell phone policy)