2018 Pro-Am Pairings:

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"The experience of a lifetime."

- Everyone who has ever participated in the ANA Inspiration Official Pro-Am

You're golfing alongside the pros...
on the Dinah Shore Tournament Course...
a day before the LPGA's first Major begins. Wow.

Other quotes include, "The highlight of my life," "How did I ever live without the Pro-Am," and "Oh my gosh, I just played golf with Lydia Ko and I can't breathe." The Pro-Am is a different kind of experience. One of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences.

What is the Pro-Am?

It's an 18-hole event where the LPGA pros play alongside amateurs just like you. You'll get to play the Dinah Shore Tournament Course less than 24 hours before it hosts the year's first Major. It goes without saying, but the course is in pristine condition, and the pros are at the top of their game.

What's the format?

It's an amateur-friendly "scramble," so even if you're not the best golfer, you can still enjoy the experience. To make matters even better, we've adopted a format called "9-and-9". You'll golf with one pro on the front nine holes, and a different pro on the back nine holes—because two is better than one!

When does it take place?

The Pro-Am happens on Wednesday, March 28, with tee times in the morning and afternoon. We've also got a really cool Pairings Party on Tuesday night (March 27), where you find out which pros you'll be golfing alongside the next day. Last but not least, stick around after your Pro-Am round for the Awards Party, where you can enjoy a few drinks and reminisce with your playing partners about all of your favorite moments of the day.

What else do I get?

If the most incredible golf experience of your life isn't enough, your Pro-Am package includes a whole lot more.

Shop 'Til You Drop

You get one serious shopping spree, where you can load up on the latest golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Epic Parties

Invitations for you and a guest to both the Pairings Party (Tuesday night) and the Awards Party (Wednesday night).

Tournament Access

We throw in four Weekly Grounds Credentials, so you and some friends can enjoy the tournament—while you brag that you played the course with the pros. You'll also get two weekly parking passes for the lot at Agua Caliente.

What's the registration fee?

We've got packages for golfers flying solo, or in a flock of four.

Single Participant: $4,000

Four Participants: $15,000

If you do the math, signing up with a couple friends or colleagues will save you each a whopping $500.


Seriously, this sounds amazing. Sign me up!

Yes, it is amazing. And yes, we would love to help you sign up. To make the process as simple as possible, would you fill out the form below? We'll have Dianne from our tournament staff contact you as soon as you fill it out. Ok...it might take a few minutes, but Dianne is pretty quick. And one of her favorite things to do is sign people up for the Pro-Am.

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Still not convinced?

You're a tough sell. But don't take it from us: just look at these photos of people from last year's Pro-Am having the time of their life.

Maybe you just need to talk to someone?

Dianne from our tournament staff would be happy to chat with you about the Pro-Am experience. Feel free to call her at (760) 834-8872 or reach her by email at dianne.mcpherson@img.com.