It's not just a ticket. It's an experience for the ages.

Whether you're a seasoned golf-event-attending veteran or a rookie to the process, we've got a ticket that's going to deliver an unbelievable experience for you. We've done our best to lay out all of your options below.

Let's help you find the perfect experience.

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Buy your tickets at the PGA Tour Superstore for special pricing and avoid any ticket fees.*
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*At this time, you may only purchase grounds tickets at the PGA Tour Superstore. If you would like 18th Green Suites tickets, Experience Class Packages, or parking, please purchase these tickets through the links below.


Grounds Tickets

"Grounds" is just a fancy golf term for general admission. A grounds ticket gets you in at the gate, and gives you the opportunity to walk the hallowed Dinah Shore Tournament Course to follow your favorite LPGA players. Plus, there are several grandstands around the course available for you to grab a seat and take in the action, including the massive grandstand right by the 18th green and the Walk of Champions.

Free admission for these groups!

We're happy to extend free grounds tickets to these groups.

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Any Day Grounds Ticket

Our most popular ticket, this will get you in any day of championship play (Thursday, March 30 through Sunday, April 2).

Price: $38

Includes $3 service fee per ticket. Purchase >>

6-Pack of Any Day Grounds Tickets

This package is perfect for families or groups of friends. With it, you'll get six separate Any Day Grounds Tickets at a discounted rate.

Price: $155

Includes $5 service fee per package. Purchase >>

Weekly Grounds Credential

Die-hard ANA Inspiration or LPGA fan that's going to come every day? This is your ticket. You'll get in the gate every day from Wednesday through Sunday of tournament week.

Price: $130

Includes $5 service fee per credential. Purchase >>

Pro-Am Grounds Ticket

This ticket will get you admission for the Official Pro-Am (Wednesday, March 29), which is a day when the professionals play the course alongside amateurs.

Price: $28

Includes $3 service fee per ticket. Purchase >>


*NEW* Experience Class Packages

The shiny new Experience Class Package takes your entire experience at the ANA Inspiration and wraps it in a bow. Each package includes a discounted Any Day Grounds Ticket (good for admission any single day of the tournament), a food truck meal voucher (YUM), a beverage voucher to get you started at the bar, and a preferred parking pass for a single day*. You'll save about $10 when you buy an Any Day Package and over $50 with the 4-Pack. Convenience + savings = 🙌

*Preferred parking included on purchases before March 25.

ANY DAY Experience Class.gif

Any Day Package

This package will get you admission any day of the tournament (Thursday through Sunday), plus a food truck voucher and a beverage voucher to keep you quenched. You'll also get a preferred parking spot at the general admission lot.

Price: $53

Includes $3 service fee per package. Purchase >>
Purchases after March 24 will not include preferred parking.

4-PACK Experience Class.gif

4-Pack of Any Day Package

Coming with friends and want to make sure everyone is taken care of? This 4-pack will do the trick, and at a discounted rate. Or, if you plan on coming multiple days of the event, you can use the 4-pack for that scenario too. 

Price: $180

Includes $5 service fee per 4-pack. Purchase >>
Purchases after March 24 will not include preferred parking.


18th Green Suites Tickets

This is the grand poobah of experiences at the ANA Inspiration, hands down. It all starts when you pull up for exclusive clubhouse parking, which isn't available with any other ticket. But the real treat is the massive air-conditioned pavilion built literally on the water near the 18th green. And it's all yours, all day. It's got comfy seating inside and out with the absolute best view of the golf, and you've got delicious food and drink options at your disposal. Unlimited food and drink. For good measure, we also make sure you're nice and cozy when you've got to use the restroom. Because, let's face it, that happens too. If it's the suite life you're after, we're handing it to you on a silver platter.

Thursday Suites Ticket

There's no day like Thursday. It's round one of the first Major of the year, and while all of your friends are working, you're kicking back enjoying a nice cocktail (or two, or three).

Price: $233

Includes $3 service fee per ticket. Purchase >>

Friday Suites Ticket


Get your weekend started off on the right foot. In case you didn't know, Friday is cut day around these parts, and the LPGA pros are sure to bring their best.

Weekend Suites Tickets


Moving day and leaping day, in one suite package. This package includes individual tickets for Saturday and Sunday access to the suites.

Weekly Suites Tickets


This package includes suites access for Thursday through Sunday. You'll get individual suites tickets for each day Thursday through Sunday. It's the ultimate weeklong VIP experience!

Price: $855

Includes $5 service fee per package. Purchase >>


Parking Passes

We've got a great lot at Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa (where is that?) just for you. It's only a few short minutes from the course, and there's a free mega-comfy-shuttle ride to the course that's included with your parking pass. If you're buying Grounds Tickets, your parking isn't included, so we figured we'd give you the opportunity to get that taken care of up front. The parking prices won't go up at the lot, so it's really just a matter of preference whether you'd like to buy in advance or pay cash (only) at the lot when you come to the event.

Daily Parking Pass

This nifty pass will get your car past our friendly parking security any one day of the event, Wednesday through Sunday.

Price: $5

Purchase >>

Weekly Parking Pass

If you'll be coming to the event every day, save a couple bucks on parking with this package.

Price: $15

Purchase >>

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