It's simple: we aren't here without volunteers.

Over 600 of them, to be precise. What, you thought this event put itself together? Pfff. It's the volunteers of the ANA Inspiration that make the whole thing happen, right down to the splash heard 'round the world.

Take it from Lydia. We ❤️ our volunteers.


Why volunteer? The perks.

Sure, you'll put in some hours as you help one of the largest golf events in the world go off without a hitch. But there are definitely some perks that come with the territory.

Awesome Uniform

You'll get some great gear from us, including a shirt, jacket, and hat. We like to keep our crew looking sharp during their shifts!

Tournament Access for Two

When you're not volunteering, you can kick back and enjoy the tournament. That's because your volunteer credential doubles up as a grounds credential. But wait, there's more! We give every volunteer an extra weekly grounds credential, so you can bring a friend to join you at the event. Two is always better than one.

Free Food

We take good care of you while you're helping out. That includes giving you a free meal during all your shifts.

Preferred Parking

You've got priority parking and shuttle access at the general lot for the entire week, so you'll never be rushed to get to your shift.

How exactly will I volunteer?

Great question! We know that everyone has a different skill set they bring to the table, and that's why there are over a dozen different committees to choose from.


Is there a fee to volunteer?

There's a reduced fee of $45 if you register by December 31st