We've got a committee for everyone.

Sure, there may be an astounding 600 volunteers that help put this thing together every year. But one thing is for sure: no two volunteers are the same! We're confident that no matter what skills, passion, or personality you bring to the table, you'll find the right committee (or two) to serve on. Hey, you might even meet a few friends along the way with a similar volunteer palette.

Get started by checking out our committee categories.

When you complete your registration, you'll be asked to give us your top three committee choices. As you look over the options below, keep that in mind to save some time with the process!


Spectator Experience Committees

We want every aspect of the experience of thousands of spectators to be a pleasant one, from the minute they enter the gate to the minute they, well, exit the gate.

Admissions and Will Call

People don't just walk in to the event! That would be madness! They've got tickets that need to be checked, scanned, exchanged, punched, you name it. Your mission is to ensure that everyone who gets in has a proper ticket.


Crowd control at its friendliest. Marshals help manage the flow of traffic, noise levels, as well as keeping everyone safe by alerting them to hazards during play. Marshals also help keep volunteers stationed on the course happy by keeping their supply levels stocked.


We carry lots of our awesome shirts, hats, and golf gear that our fans love to sport. We like to keep things looking tidy and stocked to make the buying experience at the event as effortless as possible.


Scoring Services Committees

Sure, the players keep their own score, but that doesn't help anyone else out! It's these committees that keep everyone else in the loop, from Golf Channel to people watching the leaderboards on course—including the players themselves.


Scoring Control

With about 115 players in the field, there's a lot of scoring data that needs to be reviewed. You'll help oversee the entire scoring system and make sure everything is in order.


Scoring Tent

As soon as the pros are finished up on the course, they've got to make their round official. You'll get to make sure everyone is playing by the scorecard rules, and lend a helping hand in the autograph tent from time to time. We'll need a background check for this committee.

Walking Scorers

Due to unprecedented demand, the walking scorers committee is now full, thank you for your interest!



Player Services Committees

Ever seen a grumpy golfer? Probably not at this tournament! That's because we've got awesome people taking great care of these athletes. Trust us...nobody wants to see grumpy golfers.


Product Distribution

You'll help by making sure the pros have everything they need to stay hydrated and fueled up by keeping water and snacks handy on the tee boxes. 

Player Transportation

You'll help prep our players' courtesy cars and get players to and from the airport. Work for this committee starts about two weeks prior to the event, with just a few requirements: you must be 25 or older with a valid driver's license, and we'll need a background check. Just a formality!



Hospitality Services Committees

It's a fact: there is no tournament without happy spectators or volunteers, and it takes incredible volunteers to keep those thousands of people happy. If your cup of tea is making others happy, then we can help you make that cup of tea with these committees.

Access Control

There are lots of people trying to go lots of places at the event. We need volunteers to identify who gets in where and when by checking credentials, tickets, parking passes, etc.


Are you a good old-fashioned "people person"? If you are generally helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, or any other adjective that describes a people person, then the hospitality committee is just for you.

Volunteer HQ

You might ask, "Well, who takes care of the volunteers?" More volunteers, of course! This committee is responsible for making sure volunteers on duty have everything they need stocked up at HQ.


Uniform Distribution

Our volunteers always look sharp, and it takes a few helping hands to make sure everyone gets the uniform they ordered. If you're available to help distribute uniforms ahead of the event for three days, we'd love the help!


You'll be directing traffic at our parking lot, where a first impression can go a long way. It's a tough job, but well worth the perks. For one, we'll waive your volunteer fee. Plus, this committee is perfect if you'd like to catch some of the golf action before or after your shift.